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Spider Silk & Hyaluron Shampoo | Clarena

Spider Silk & Hyaluron Shampoo

Hyaluronic shampoo with spider silk

Hyaluronic shampoo with spider silk, designed to wash and care over dry and damaged hair. Brings ultra-moisturizing ingredients like: low-molecular hyaluronic acid and Pentavitin®, prevents moisture loss and smoothes the hair. Spider silk makes your hair sleek and protect it from tangling. It also protects from the damaging action of environment and loosing water.

Capacity: 200 ml
Code: 33001

Active substances

Signal-10 - stable low molecular hyaluronic acid. Smoothes, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Protects against moisture loss.
Pentavitin® -  "moisture magnet" , provides immediate and deep skin hydration, stimulates synthesis of ceramides.
Spider silk - has smoothing and protective properties. Creates protective film on the hair surface, which prevents from negative environmental influence and transepidermal water loss.

Product list

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