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Store for professionals Retail store


„Every company is, first and foremost, the people working for it, and it is largely them that its success relies on.”

Patricia Popławska / President of the board

Clarena was born out of a passion for creating. The person behind the company is Patricia Popławska - its founder, owner and president of the board.

Clarena’s history goes back over 16 years, to when Patricia Popławska opened a beauty store in the centre of Wrocław.

The store stood out from its competition by the merchandise on offer, but also by the approach to selling beauty products. It was the first store in Wrocław to offer in-store beauty counseling services – including a beautician’s help in selecting the right cream for a given skin type, and make-up artists advising on the best choice of the right make-up products.

Towards the late 1990s, Patricia Popławska, being interested in the emerging market of professional beauty products, decided to apply her business model on a larger scale.

Every company is, first and foremost, the people working for it, and it is largely them that its success relies on. This is why CLARENA since its very inception has been keen to seek out professionals highly qualified in their fields to make them part of its vision. By applying reliable and transparent employment rules and practices, and by investing in employees’ professional development, it aims to build seriously motivated and smoothly collaborating working teams.

Due to the commitment and the creativity of its employees, the company consistently succeeds in achieving better financial results and gaining advantage in the ever competitive market.

The qualified employees are involved in the process of product development at its every stage, beginning with the formula development, through its implementation, packing design, sales and marketing. They also willingly share their expertise in the field of cosmetology with the company’s business partners.

At the time being, beauty products and cosmetology treatments devices made by Clarena are already available in a whole number of countries, including Great Britain, Ireland, Romania, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic, Norway, Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, Holland, and Belarus.

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