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Complaints Regulations

1. A complaint may be made by filling out an online form posted on, but only if a products has been purchased directly at Clarena’s. If a product has been purchased at a distributor’s, the complaint must be filed with the respective company.

2. The product whom the complaint concerns must be well protected against mechanical damage during transportation.

3. The Customer shall be informed about the spot and the time necessary to process the complaint via e-mail or by telephone within 14 days following the reception of the complaint.

4. The complaint shall not be processed if:
• a complaint is not accompanied by a form referred to in 1.
• the product’s date has expired
• the product has had its labelling damaged
• the product is empty/used
• the product has sustained damage during transportation (in such case the carrier’s complaint form shall be valid)

5. The complaint shall be made no later than within 30 days following the discovery of the product’s defect.

6. Complaints filed after this period shall not be taken into consideration.

7. Complaints filed not in accordance with this Regulations shall not be taken into consideration.

8. The Customer shall be informed whether their complaint has been processed via e-mail, by telephone or by a letter.

9. In case of any quantitative discrepancies, the complaint must be made within 7 days following the reception of delivery.

10. This Regulations shall not revoke any Consumer’s rights stipulated in the Act of the 2nd March, 2000 on the protection of some of the Consumer’s rights and on the liability for damages caused by a hazardous product as well as in the Act of the 27th July, 2002 on specific terms and conditions ofconsumer sale.

11. For matters not settled herein the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply


In order to make a complaint - fill out an online form.


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