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„Every company is, first and foremost, the people working for it, and it is largely them that its success relies on.”

Patricia Popławska / President of the board

Private label - cosmetics

Our many years’ experience, innovativeness, and passion for what we do allow us to offer our business partners top quality products and services, as well as seamless collaboration.

The extent of collaboration and the kind of assistance we lend to our Clients is specifically customized, beginning with developing the very idea for a product and of its formula, through necessary purchases, cosmetic production, and finishing with relevant testing.

We offer:
1. Development of customer-provided formulas
2. Development of brand new, ready-made products: idea, active ingredients selection, formula development, final tests
3. Executing Customer’s ideas and recreating them in our laboratory
4. Production based on the products that we have developed and tested

We offer our help every step of the way:
formula development (we are in possession of our own laboratories)
marketing support in the process of new product development
necessary testing
product documentation
material purchase
components purchase
production process (from pilot batch, through implementation and production)
registering process assistance

Private label - beauty therapy devices

We perfectly combine our knowledge and many years’ experience with the use of innovative technologies. We are the sole company worldwide manufacturing both cosmetics and professional beauty salon equipment. As we constantly improve and evolve as well as increase our production capacity, we are able to offer private label services in this area too.

We offer our clients services aimed at manufacturing private label professional equipment such as:
facial skin care equipment (e.g. mezotherapy devices, micropigmentation devices with laser and pigment detector, radio waves, or cavitation peel devices)
body care treatments equipment (cellulogy treatment devices, ultrasonic liposuction devices, etc.)

e-mail: privatelabel(at)
phone: +48 71 328 07 int. 139

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