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Clarena Beauty System

Complementary skin care program from inside and outside

Modern cosmetology is divided into two streams - invasive and holistic. The first ensures the immediate effects however its superficial. The second connects the inner and outer care and is based on caring for the health of the whole body.

Holistic care assumed that taking care of your skin complexion is strongly associated with caring for the whole body. That is why we have developed a system that aims to help ladies improve their health and condition of the skin. Clarena Beauty system consists in providing high-quality nutrients from the inside and from the outside to the body. It’s all thanks to professional beauty treatments and professional home care, whose  extension are dietary supplements. The combination of these three components results are that the active substances are not only affecting  the skin surface but also the deeper layers.

Specialists Department of Implementation and Development of products based their assumptions for  Clarena Beauty System on the Japanese philosophy of longevity and concentrated, biologically active composition of cosmetic products and dietary supplements. The Japanese are a nation that is famous for its perfect health even at an advanced age. According to the data, more than 20% of the population are people over 65 years of age. Their great physical condition stems from a rigorous health, cultivating among other things, like supplementation and natural active substances. Therefore, they  "inspired us to create an innovative system of care" - says Head of Implementation.

Collagen Clarena Beauty System is dedicated for tired  skin  with the first signs of aging. The first step in a comprehensive care is a beauty salon cosmetic treatment, which supports the renewal of collagen fibers of the skin. Support for the treatment is 100% Certus Collagen Beauty Drink which the client should drink during the first visit to the beauty salon. This will provide an integral action of collagen on the inside and the outside. For the next 24 days client should keep in mind about daily taking of Beauty Drink and the use of Liposome Certus Collagen Line products for home care. According to the research of the Independent Research Institute combination of treatments, Beauty Drink and home care guarantees improvement in skin condition in just 3 weeks of use!

Hyaluron 3D Clarena Beauty System is designed for dry and dehydrated skin . Moisturizing treatment works on the skin from the outside, and systematic use of home care products Hyaluron 3D Line sustain achieved results. However, humidification from the outside is not enough for the skin to be fully hydrated it should get help also from the inside aswell. Supplement Hyaluron 3D is the third element of our holistic care system, which is designed to take care of the whole body. Thanks to content of 159 mg of hyaluronic acid it effectively incorporated into the fibers of the dermis and optimally stimulates its renewal.

Body Slim Clarena Beauty System is designed for sliming body care. Very effective procedure that reduces stretch marks, cellulite and excess of body fat is microneedle mesotherapy. However, to achieve the best results, you should nurture your skin every day. The best way is to use products that will support the reduction of fat and cellulite. Body Slim Line is designed precisely to care over slimming body and perfectly suited to the role of extending professional beauty treatments. In order to inhibit the absorption of fats and sugars, slimming treatment should be supported by Supplement Body Slim. Rich in plant complex components will effectively help with slimming treatments.

The holistic care should provide active substances with the help of beauty treatments, home care and proper supplementation. A very important part of the therapy is the regularity of use and the simultaneous combination of all three methods. Only under this condition we will achieve the best effect.

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