Store for professionals Retail store
Store for professionals Retail store
Otwarcie Firmowego Salonu Clarena w Wilczycach

The official opening of the first Clarena Sales Showroom Centre in Wilczyce


The official opening of the Clarena Sales Showroom Centre, as the first in Poland, took place last Friday, 24.10.2019 in Wilczyce. The invited guests had the opportunity to visit the newly opened production hall of Rubica, to see how cosmetics are produced and to participate in the presentations of beauty procedures. The experts of Clarena were available to provide detailed advises and answers on cosmetic products and treatments during the entire banquet.

The opening hours of the Sales Showroom Centre are Mondays to Fridays  from  8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The Centre, besides possibility of purchasing the wide range of Clarena products, also allows you to get professional advice, consult our specialists about various issues or take part in testing of cosmetic products and devices offered by this Brand. In the company sales showroom our offer is addressed to both, retail clients and professionals.

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