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On December 3, 2019 the students of cosmetology at  the Wrocław Academy of Physical Education, have participated in the training - Poison product line by Clarena.

During the training that was led by the Clarena expert – Edyta Sędlak, the future cosmetologists got acquainted with the method of performing beauty treatment by using the product from Clarena Poison Line. The program also included a theoretical part. The students were accustomed with the cosmetics and their application in the course of the treatment. From the cosmetological perspective, apart from the knowledge of products and treatment techniques, you must also be familiar with the  active ingredients which are responsible for the effectiveness of cosmetics. Having such knowledge, the future cosmetologists are able to perform the procedure. The Academy of Physical Education is a partner of Clarena since April 2017. The cooperation was launched by the opening of a beauty treatment room at the academy. As a cosmetic company, Clarena decided to equip the academy beauty treatment room with the state-of-the-art cosmetic devices, instruments, terrycloth accessories and tools which will be useful for the future cosmetologists in the course of the study.

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