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Apron Cosmetic Paris - ClarenaTunica FrottePouch frotte for the stoolPouch frotte for the armchairTreatment duvet - ClarenaBrand Frotte - Clarena

Apron Cosmetic Paris

Long with the band

Size: 34-44
Code: 8044-8049

Tunica frotte

Aesthetic Treastment frotte tunic with logo Clarena

Color: white (code: 8170)
Color: red (code: 8160) 
Color: amarant (code: 8182) 

Pouch frotte for the stool

With logo Clarena

Color: white (code: 8171)
Color: red (code: 8172) 
Color: amarant (code: 8180) 

Pouch frotte for the armchair

With logo Clarena

Color: white (code: 8163)
Color: red (code: 8168) 
Color: amarant (code: 8181) 

Treatment duvet

With logo Clarena

Soft, comfortable duvet Treatment.

Color: white (cod: 8380)
Color: red (code: 8383) 
Color: amarant (code: 8185) 

Band frotte

With logo Clarena

Practical and comfortable band useful in the performance od face.

Color: white (code: 8160)
Color: red (code: 8165) 
Color: amarant (code: 8183) 


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