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Acid Anti-Rosacea 40% - Clarena

Acid Anti-Rosacea 40%

Bioactive Serum

40% serum with lactobionic and azelaic acid and gluconolactone with pH 2.2, recommended in particular for skin types with rosacea and for couperose skin. Lactobionic and azelaic acids strengthen  blood vessel walls and improve the microcirculation, thus minimising teleangiectasia, reducing redness and at the same time preventing these afflictions from reoccurring. Along with gluconolactone, the acids moisturise the skin deeply, accelerate cell regeneration and act as antioxidants, which is why this combination is perfect for mature skin types with excessive vascular activity. At the same time, the application of these acids is completely safe. 

Application: adapt the skin before the procedure with Pre Peel Cleanser.  Apply the serum with a brush, leave for 3 minutes; afterwards rub with neutralising lotion and then wash with a lot of water. Photoprotection recommended!

Attention! Shake before using!

Package: 10 x 3 ml
Code: 1251

Professional use only. Not to be sold at retail.

Product list

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