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Cinnamon & Cayenne Thermo Mask - Clarena

Cinnamon & Cayenne Thermo Mask

Thermo mask with cinnamon

Thermo  mask with cinnamon for firming and slimming treatments on body. The extract from cinnamon tree and cayenne pepper stimulate thermogenesis and cause the skin congestion effect, in result improving metabolic processes, burning of fatty tissue and reducing cellulite. The mask is definitely recommended for use in the slimming and firming body wrapping treatments on buttocks, stomach and thighs.

Massage in a small amount of the mask into the cleansed skin on the body avoiding the bust, wrap in the treatment foil an leave for 20 minutes. Wash off the leftovers of the mask with an application towel.
NOTECE! Do not skip to wash your hands thoroughly after the mask application!
The mask is not recommended to use in patients suffering from dilated capillaries or varicose veins.

Kod: 44193
Pojemność: 500ml
Product list

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