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Microcollagen & Peptide P3 Cream | Clarena

Microcollagen & Peptide P3 Cream

Microcollagen-peptide cream

Cream with new, rich formula, for complex care of skin with loss of elasticity and first signs of aging. Bionimetic Perfection Peptide P3® peptide complex supports the natural process of exfoliation, improves skin texture and smoothness and gives optimal hydration.

Microcollagen rebuilds the skin’s support fibres, vitamin C and routine strenghten weak capillaries. Shea butter replenishes skin with lipids and smoothes skin surface, d-pantenol soothes irritation. Natural UV filters protect skin from the photoaging and form a protective barrier against free radicals damage.

Capacity: 200 ml [Code: 1165 TP]
Capacity: 50 ml [Code: 1166]

The product of the capacity 200 ml is for professional use only. Not to be sold at retail.

Product list

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