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Silicon Brusher | Clarena

Silicon Brusher

Brusher is a new cleansing concept device not only effectively removes make up but also help the skin become more smooth and beautiful. Pulled silicone brush allows for multiple use and disinfection.

5 in 1

Silicon Brusher - 5 in 1
1. Make-up residuals
2. Pore cleansing
3. Skin cleansing
4. Brightening the skin
5. Massaging

Brusher is automatic cleanser with a rotary brush that perfectly cleanses skin. Silicon brush with high elasticity has vibration in the left and right directions. It quickly and effectively cleanses skin. Gentle vibrations cause skin oxygenation and increased flexibility of skin.

How to use the product:
Silicon Brusher - Inst

Silicon Brusher - Inst
1. Wet the face with water.
2. Press the power button.
3. Using the power level button, select vibration suitable for your skin.
4. Apply the brush onto yout skin and press the side button and cleansing agent comes out through the brush.
5. Do the cleansing lightly for 1-2 minutes.

Package: Brusher
Code: 7253

Product list

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