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Face Roller System - Clarena

Face Roller System 0,50 mm

Specialised cosmetic tool

Face Roller is a cosmetic appliance for mesotherapy at home. It is particularly recommended if You want to make the effects of a specialised treatment administered by a beautician last longer.

Mesotherapy at home – Microneedling stimulates skin regeneration and rejuvenation process. It firms and tightens the skin, reduce scars and support the fight with discolorations. Absorption capacity of the skin as well as the efficiency of active ingredients are increased. Following home treatmnets it is recommended to use intensive concentrates. Select our products in relation to the type of Your skin.

Indications for use:
- Loss of skin firmness and tension
- Scars and discoloured skin
- Making the effects of treatments administreted in beauty salon last longer

- Skin rejuvenation and regeneration
- Making the skin firm and tight
- Elimination of scars and discoloured skin


Code: 7400 

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